ergonomic study table

ergonomic study table
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Ergonomic study table

Brand: shangyu

Color: blue and pink

Table top size: 100com*60CM*52-76CM

Chair height 32-42CM

Suitable for preschooler kids to 1.85 meter height adult

Foldable: yes

Material: surface treated steal and Australia pine wood which is naturally grown, free of pollution.

Weight:34 kg

Main features of ergonomic study table:

Main desk top can be easily adjusted by one handle on the side of the table. Height of chair can be adjusted through knob at the back.

Table can be titled from o degree 80 degree. Total 12 markings. 7 degree is for writing, 45 degree for reading, 80 degree for painting.

Based on the scientific testing and survey, the average life span for this table is more than 15 years.

9 perfect design:

  1. Anti-reflective surface, gentle to the eyes.
  2. 270 degree PVC coving the edge, no sharp edges, safe for kids
  3. Hook for hanging school bag or water bottles
  4. Book shelf to store some books
  5. Frame is made of surface treated steel, anti rust, built to last.
  6. Rubber footing to prevent scratching to the floor when shift the table and keep the table well balanced even on the uneven floor.
  7. Book shelf: keep the room neat and tidy, hook for school bag to save some space in the room.
  8. Environmental friendly materials : three amine board, bright color, non slip surface, scratch resistant, heat resistant, no peculiar smell, base material with Australia pine wood, broken and pressing, content meet the national E standard. Desk top is anti-reflective to light, comfortable to the eyes.
  9. Easy to clean: just use damp cloth to clean stain from pencil, ball pen or crayon or maker.

It is a good helper in maintain kid’s posture. A very useful gift to the little one!

Wrong sitting position:

  1. Bad for the eye sight
  2. Decrease productivity.
  3. Poor blood circulation
  4. Bad for posture


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